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What Clients Say...

"As thename of Judy's company states, Judy is truly "Completely Creative. She listens well to understand the needs and then lets her creativity take over to provide fresh insights and new ways to promote your organization. She is a pure delight to work with."

Harry Chapman, Bay Area Consulting Group

"Judy is is a wonderful Marketing Coach. Her ability to customize her coaching at every step of the process is wonderful. She is tuned into her client's individual needs. She really helped me to understand that making some basic fundamental changes could have a wide spread positive effect. I highly recommend her services."

Ronnie Roche, Design Solutions


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Who We Serve

We work with successful consultants and business owners who are ready to get their ideas out of their heads and into the world.

Are some of these statements true for you?

"I just started my consulting business. How do I get my first clients?

"I have always gotten most of my business through word of mouth. In today's tight economy, my referrals seem to be drying up. What do I do now to get the word out about my services?"

"I am new in business and need a logo, business cards and a web site."

"I have a lot of great ideas. I start lots of projects but don't complete most of them. I need someone to help me get focused and stay on track."

"I just moved here and need to get established in the community. What are the best ways for me to get traction fast?"

"I hate marketing and I'm just not good at it. I feel like my work should speak for itself."

"I have a hard time explaining what I do. My marketing message is a mess."

You are likely to be successful working with us if:

You have a passion for helping your clients and doing what it takes to provide quality and value. You're an expert in your field and are committed to excellence in all you do.

You are open to learning and trying out new ideas. You are curious, collaborative and flexible.

You respect the ideas and talents of others and communicate with a compassionate heart.

You have the time and resources to work on your business.

You adhere to the highset standards of honesty and integrity. If you want to succeed by taking ethical shortcuts, we're not for you. If you want to play the business game at the highest level, we'd like to help support you."

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