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Techsmith makes it easy to capture images and video from your ccomputer so you can share it. They have free and for fee products. Jing is one of their newer products and the free version gives you 2GB of space for uploading video through their server at

Below is a sample video made with Jing that shows me navigating aroung the Techsmith Web site. The audio you will hear when you play the clip was captured directely from the microphone in my MacBook Pro. I resized the video to fit in the space. This took just a few minutes. You can embed the video into your website or blog or copy a link to the video and share that via your web site, blog or email.

Free Trials * Snagit * Jing * Camtasia Studio * Camtasia for Mac * Camtasia Relay * * Morae * UserVue

Oprius helps you build relationships with your customers

Manage your daily tasks, build your relationships, and turn contacts into customers; all in one place, available all the time and from anywhere you want to work. Oprius allows distributors to import data and get to work immediately. The service is designed for ease-of-use, so anyone with basic computer skills can quickly learn the intuitive navigation. The subscription-based internet service was created especially for network marketing and uses the same secure technology as online banking, making your information safe at all times. Use your calendar and define the tasks you need to accomplish. Review your contacts, assign them to groups, and make them an integral part of your sales process. In the Relationship Builder, you can create and schedule sales campaigns that address whole groups of customers in a pre-defined, step-by-step process. The Phone Assistant gives an overview of your up-coming calls from which you can focus in on each contact and the next steps you want to take. It allows you to schedule phone appointments -- using your calendar -- and shows each contact’s details and call history. In addition, pre-defined and proven call scripts -- all part of the package -- can be associated with any selected contact, which can help greatly in closing your sales.

30 Days to 3,000 Facebook Fans

30 Days to 3,000 Facebook Fans is a guide to building your following on Facebook.

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Hayhouse Radio

When you are looking for inspiration, listen to Hayhouse Radio.

Garry Baker, glb architects

For the perfect place to live and work, Garry Baker, glb architects will help you create the environment that fits your style and budget.

Deborah Myers, hands-on healing and education

Deborah helps you heal your body and spirit. Unlock your energy and embrace health. Contact: deborah at, Health at Your Fingertips:

Michael North, North Consulting

Michael taking the uncertainty out of making the right decisions for you life and business Contact: michaelnorth at,

Sanford Friedman, Business Operations Expert

Sanford Friedman literally grew up in a small business. His business career began at the age of 10 when his father decided he would take over the family business. He works with businesses of 100 or fewer employees in all business sectors whether they sell expertise, services or products. His niche is complementing his client’s professional expertise with his business management know-how.

Contact: sanford at,

Gary White, Pacific Crest Marketing - Strategy Guru

Gary White started Pacific Crest Marketing in 1986 after seven years on both the agency and client sides of the advertising business. Gary works with senior sales and marketing executives, management teams and small business owners to identify and eliminate obstacles to sales. He has worked on new products, segments and campaigns for clients such as Citibank, Del Monte, Domaine St. George, DHL, Hewlett Packard, Novartis and Yahoo! Gary is valued not only for his strategic vision but is recognized as an innovator in the field of facilitated meetings. He has personally designed and conducted over 1,000 such meetings including everything from focus groups and customer advisory boards to brainstorming and strategy sessions.

Contact: gwhite at,

Ted Prodromou of Net Biz Experts - Joomla Guru and Website Wizard

Ted Prodromou of Net Biz Experts is an Internet Business Consultant and has been working with the internet since 1991, long before Al Gore invented it. Ted helps you get more web traffic and earn more money online.

Contact: ted at,

John McHugh, Winning Workforce

John has a proven system that takes the guesswork out of hiring and employee performance. Contact John at, Winning Workforce

Ronnie Roche, Certified member of the Apple Consultants Network

When you need a compassionate Macintosh expert, call on Ronnie.

Contact:ronnie at, Design Solutions

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