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Action Plan Marketing Certification

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If you're not attracting enough clients…

You could be suffering from Marketing Meltdown!

There is a proven system that will give you a constant stream of new business filled with eager, qualified clients who want and need your services.

Imagine what life would be like if you could easily:

Stop struggling and get the cure for Marketing Meltdown

Hi, I'm Judy Baker, Certified Action Plan Marketing Coach and Brand Builder. I'm the owner of Completely Creative. This is what we can do for you:

Help you become a better marketer. We work with you to make it easy for clients to find you, like you and buy from you. You learrn how to say what you do in language that is easy for your prospective clients to understand and that moves them to take action.

Clear out hidden beliefs that are keeping you from confidently sharing your talents with the people who need your help.

Develop strategies and action plans to move you forward.

Mentor you to stay on track.

Your brand is as unique as your fingerprints. It fits you and only you. Our gift is translating what is unique about your business into visual and verbal communications that are an authentic reflection of you.

Are you ready to get a flood of new clients?

Do you want the cure to marketing meltdown?

Find out more about how we work with our clients

What Clients Say...

"As the name of Judy's company states, Judy is truly "Completely Creative. She listens well to understand your needs and then lets her creativity take over to provide fresh insights and new ways to promote your organization. She is a pure delight to work with."

Harry Chapman, Bay Area Consulting Group

"Judy is is a wonderful Marketing Coach. Her ability to customize her coaching at every step of the process is wonderful. She is tuned into her client's individual needs. She really helped me to understand that making some basic fundamental changes could have a wide spread positive effect. I highly recommend her services."

Ronnie Roche, Design Solutions

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